Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Graffiti Full On - At Night - Mark Fisher's Image

Scary Graffiti

Night Time Capture

This Door Has Been Moving In A Crazy

Direction Time To Show It

American Photographer Mark Fisher

This Door Is Very Scary!

Combination Of Different Griffito


ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from Italian (plural), fromgraffio ‘a scratch.’
USAGE In Italian, the word graffiti is a plural noun, and its singular form is graffito. Traditionally, the same distinction has beenmaintained in English, so that graffiti, being plural, would require a plural verb: : the graffiti were all over the wall. By the same token, the singular would require a singular verb: :there was a graffito on the wall. Today these distinctions survive in some specialist fields such as archaeology, but sound odd to most native speakers. The most common modern use is to treat graffiti as if it were a mass noun, similar to a word like writing, and not to use graffito at all. In this case,graffititakes a singular verb, as in : the graffiti was all over the wall. Such uses are now widely accepted as standard and may be regarded as part of the natural development of the language, rather than as mistakes. A similar process is going on with other words such as agenda, data, andmedia.

This Door At Night Can Startle You.

Image © Mark Fisher 2010

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