Friday, April 1, 2011

Stella Maxwell • Mark Fisher Photography • No Opinion Of Doubt

No Opinion Of Doubt Stella Maxxed Out Well In The Beauty Dept. Desired Beauty American Photographer Mark Fisher Shades Pass The Mind Is This A Game No Real Life Where No One Is Hurt Fill Your Eyes Of Beauty That Will Stay In Your Mind Who Really Is Beautiful. True Beauty, Is Still An Opinion Tastes In Beauty A look That Might Stop You For A Moment Only Time Will Tell Just Be Creative! PENTAX 67 XS Lighting Natural With Reflector For Fill Image © Mark Fisher NYC1 (All Rights Reserved) To Contact Mark Fisher E-Mail to; You Must E-Mail. For Direct Contact. Original Image By Mark Fisher NYC1 Management: Green Key Management Music Blog: New Music Blog Up: Face Book Fan Page: Published Worldwide Over Twenty Five Years Work Available For Viewing On Over 30 Websites To See Beauty Images More To Be Found On A Google Search Mark Fisher NYC1 (Click Images) Mark Fisher Beauty Photographer (Click Images) (The Real Mark Fisher Photographer Is In New York) New York Photographer Mark Fisher Look For The Blogs. To See More Images Go To My Website… If You Would Like! Website; UNDER FEDERAL LAW, IF YOU KNOWINGLY MISREPRESENT OR PROMOTE ONLINE MATERIAL OR IDENTITY THAT IS INFRINGING, YOU MAY BE SUBJECT TO CRIMINAL PROSECUTION FOR PERJURY AND CIVIL PENALTIES, INCLUDING MONETARY DAMAGES, COURT COSTS, AND ATTORNEYS’ FEES. Remember: Photographer Mark Fisher is in New York. Thank You 

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