Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mark Fisher's Image - 1962 1100 D - In The New York Streets

1962 FIAT 1100 D

New York Street Image

Mark Fisher American Photographer

Spot The Car On Broome Street

The Car Looked Brand New.

Hey You Don't See These Everyday

The Streets Of New York City

Here Is Some More Info...

The Fiat 1100D

Retaining the exterior changes of this model, in 1962 Fiat introduced the 3rd generation 1100, called the 1100D. "D" stood for Delight. It was a sober yet comfortable 4-door sedan, very similar to the Granluce but with simpler sides and a new simpler rectangular mouth. The 1100D was a successful Italian Standard in the early sixties and along with its own Estate or Family car version and a Deluxe Model that offered a higher performance with 50 hp, extra side mouldings, front bench seat with two reclining backs and carpet floor mats. These survived without any substantial alteration until 1966, when the introduction of the groundbreaking 124 model imposed a further change in styling.

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