Sunday, July 18, 2010

Production Stills - The Oher Guys - Columbia Pictures - Mark Fisher's Images

The Others Guys - Columbia Pictures

Mark Fisher American Photographer

This Scene Begins With Mark Wahlberg

Having An Exchange With The Will Ferrell Character .

I Was Waiting For The Event...

12 Hours And It Finally Happen.

This Is What A Set Looks Like On The Street

The Complete Street Was Lit

Light Splashed The Surrounding Buildings

The Location; The Clic Bookstore And Gallery.

Broome And Centre Streets

The Stills Capture With Motion.

The Set Was Locked Down By The Crew.

Images Captured November 2009

This Movie Scene Was Happening

Image Captured In The Late At Night, 1:20 AM

On Broome Street In Existing Light.

Image © Mark Fisher 2010
(All Rights Reserved)

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