Monday, July 12, 2010

Mark Fisher's Image - Forever 21

American Photographer Mark Fisher

Forever 21 Has Accomplished A Way To Attract People

To Their Times Square Store And

To Stand A Little Longer Than Normal

To Watch A Story Unfold In Front Of Their Eyes.

They Have A Programed billboard, That Has A Great

Amount Technology That Has Been Out There.

They Shoot A Green Screen Footage Scene First.

They Have A Few Different Themes, The Girl Taking

A Polaroid Is the Main Theme. She Is standing On

A Balcony Set Up And Deals With The Crowd

Captures The Group Below With A Fun Camera.

Wave The Polaroid as If It Is Reallly Developing

Flips It around With The Present Group In The Picture

Second Is A Digital Feed That Shows The Crowd

Below. The Frame Around The Billboard Flashes

As The Green Screen Scene Woman Takes The Shot.

The Technology Is Finally Has A Use

Go To Times Square To See It For Yourself.

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